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Straw Wattles

Spill control o01104

Wherever bare soil is exposed to erosion, Rice Straw Wattles can be an important part of a comprehensive best management practice system for soil stabilization, sediment retention and vegetation establishment.

When used for temporary sediment retention, wattles, which are also called fiber rolls, can reduce off-site sedimentation by:
• Providing storm drain inlet protection
• Directing runoff water to retention and detention devices
• Reducing water velocities in areas of concentrated flow such as waterways and swales, when installed as check structures 

Item# & Description Model Price Quantity
Item #: O04077
Rice Straw Wattle, 8 1/2" X 25', Weed Free Straw, Encased in Photodegradable High-Density Polyethylene Netting, UV Stabilizer
Item #: O04142
Rice Straw Wattle, 8" X 25', 100% Noxious Weed Free Straw, Encased in Biodegradable Natural Fiber Netting. Model 4000-4300